William Henry Harrison Presidential Dollar Mintage

Wialliam Henry Harrison DollarThe US Mint recently posted the mintage information for the William Henry Harrison Presidential Dollars. The trend of lower mintages for the Presidential Dollar series continued. Since the start of the series, each subsequent release has shown a lower mintage than the previous, except for the Andrew Jackson Dollar, which showed a small uptick before the trend resumed.

The 2009 William Henry Harrison shows coin production of 43,260,000 at the Philadelphia Mint and 55,160,000 at the Denver Mint. This makes a total mintage of 98,420,000 across both Mints.

While this is the lowest on record for the series, the amount is still relatively high.

Due to the slowing economy, there is a reported glut of coinage, which causes fewer new coins to be produced. This has impacted other denominations to a greater extent. For example, there were only 53 million nickels produced across both Mints though February 2009.

Does it make sense that we need more dollar coins than nickels for circulation?


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