US Mint Selling 2009 Lincoln Cent Proof Set

2009 Lincoln Cent SetAbout a week ago, the US Mint started selling a separate Proof Coin Set, which just includes the 2009 Lincoln Cents. This means the four different reverse designs are included featuring the Birthplace, Formative Years, Professional Life, and Presidency.

The sets are priced at $7.95. It looks like the coins are included in the same sort of plastic lens that the 2009 Lincoln Cents have been packaged in for the full 2009 Proof Set. A newly designed outer cardboard box will be used.

This is an interesting offering because it splits up the annual proof set again. The US Mint already sells a separate 2009 Quarters Proof Set for $14.95 and a separate Presidential Dollars Proof Set for $14.95. Incidentally the full proof set is priced at $29.95.

It’s also interesting because many enterprising individuals and coin dealers had taken to selling separate 2009 Lincoln Cent Proof Sets already. Before the US Mint began selling the same product, these sets had to be broken out of the full 2009 Proof Sets. The individual Lincoln Cent Proof Sets had been selling for about $15 to $20. Is the US Mint’s offering a reaction to these homemade offerings?


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