US Mint America the Beautiful Quarter Products

This year a new quarter series will begin featuring National Parks and other federally protected or managed National Sites. A quarter will be issued for a site in each state, territory, and the District of Columbia. As with the prior quarter series, the United States Mint plans a variety of collectible products for America the Beautiful Quarters.

The US Mint will offer numismatic bags and rolls containing the quarters. These are the same quarters that are struck for circulation, but they are specially packaged and sold at a premium. The US Mint is expected to offer 100-coin and 1000-coin bags from the Philadelphia or Denver Mint and a two roll set containing one roll from each facility.

The US Mint will issue separate America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Sets in regular clad and 90% proof versions. Although these coins are included in the complete annual sets, the Mint has produced separate sets containing only the quarters.

Missing from the current line up are First Day Covers for America the Beautiful Quarters. These products were offered for the prior State Quarters and DC & US Territories Quarters. No confirmation on whether the product has been discontinued or if they will be added to the schedule later.

Finally, a program of America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins will be produced. These won’t be sold directly by the US Mint, but will be offered as bullion coins through bullion dealers. The coins will contain 5 ounces of silver and have designs which are an exact duplicate of the quarter.


#1 WILL on 01.15.10 at 4:11 pm

MINT specializes in quantity, not quality.
Wake up People!!!

#2 doug on 03.03.10 at 8:22 am

i wash it was qualiity yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy god

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