Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Dollar Mintage

The mintage figures have been released for the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Dollar. This coin was first released into circulation by the United States Mint on May 19, 2011 as the 18th issue of the series overall.

As remarked frequently on this site, the broader series has experienced a general decline in mintage levels for each subsequent release. This has been briefly interrupted by some releases, which promised an upswing, but the next release would invariably hit another fresh low.

Recently, the coins featuring Abraham Lincoln experienced a big increase, and the next coins featuring Andrew Johnson struck another fresh low.

Ulysses S. Grant marks another blip upwards at 76.02 million coins across the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. This exceeds the mintage of 72.66 million for Andrew Johnson.

The higher numbers could be the result of Grant’s greater level of popularity. Since is better known to Americans, the US Mint may have planned higher production in anticipation of higher coin orders from the Federal Reserve Banks.

For the next release featuring Rutherford B. Hayes, the general downtrend may resume.


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