Puerto Rico Quarter Launch

The Puerto Rico Quarter was officially released yesterday March 30, 2009, but it will probably be difficult to find the coins in circulation.


Even though the coins have only just been released, the US Mint has posted the final production figures for the coin. They come in at a very low 86 million coins produced by the Denver Mint and 53 million coins produced by the Philadelphia Mint. To put this in perspective, the mintage for a single quarter has not been this low since the 1960s.

The US Mint began selling bags and rolls of the coins directly. This offering includes a two roll set and 100-coin bags and 1000-coin bags from the Philadelphia or Denver Mints. These rolls might be the best chance for collectors to easily acquire examples of the new coin.

An official launch ceremony for the 2009 Puerto Rico Quarter will be held later this week on April 2. The ceremony will take place at La Arcada, Paseo La Princesa #2, Viejo San Juan. It will be attended by Edmund Moy the US Mint Director and Luis Fortuno the Governor of Puerto Rico.

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#1 andrew on 05.28.09 at 10:27 am

My father has been working on the state quarters since their debut and has found it especially difficult with the 2009 release. However, yesterday (May 27th 2009) he finally found a D roll of the Puerto Rico quarter at BofA in Scottsdale, AZ. Several tellers had been telling him they didn’t have it, yet another “more informed” teller overheard it and went to the vault to get it. It seemed to him that they didn’t give these out to the tellers and had been keeping it in the back. We suspect they didn’t have many to begin with and were holding them back for the regular collectors like my father who’d been going to them for about 10 years. Maybe this will help those who are looking. All the best fellow collectors!

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