Letitia Tyler First Spouse Coin

Looking ahead to the next major gold coin launch by the United States Mint, there is the Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin. This continues the series of one-half ounce 24 karat gold coins created to honor the spouses of each President.

Letitia Tyler

The new coin will represent an interesting twist for the series. President John Tyler had a first and second wife, while serving as President. As such, two first spouses will be honored for his presidential term. The Letitia Tyler coin is the first release for such an instance. John Tyler’s second wife Julia Tyler will be honored on a separate coin this summer.

The Letitia Tyler First Spouse Coin features a portrait of the first lady on the obverse of the coin and the years that she served 1841 to 1842. The reverse of the coin shows her with two children on Cedar Grove Plantation. So far the series has released nine gold coins. The Letitia Tyler coin will be the tenth. The release date for the coin will be June 4, 2009. Coins will be available for sale direclty from the United States Mint.


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