Jane Pierce First Spouse Coins

The US Mint just released the 2010 Jane Pierce First Spouse Coins, which honor the wife of President Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States. This is the fifteenth release in the broader series since one preceding President had a first and second wife.

Jane Pierce Gold Coin

The First Spouse Gold Coin series hasn’t really resonated with collectors. Some have attributed this to the subject matter, others to the high price tag. The latest coins to go on sale cost $779 for proof versions and $766 for uncirculated versions. The initial releases of the series were actualy priced at $429.95 and $410.95, but the rising cost of gold has caused pricing to be adjusted.

While it will take a strong stomach or wallet to see the series through to the end, it might pay off in the long run. After 2007, sales for First Spouse coins declined substantially, resulting in extremely low mintage levels. Historically, unpopular coins with low mintages have eventually found an audience and price appreciation after the low mintages added a new allure. Will this series prove the same, or provide the first exception?


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