Hawaii State Quarter Mintage

Hawaii State QuarterThe US Mint just posted the production figures for the Hawaii State Quarter. This was the final release of the popular 50 State Quarters Program.

The US Mint indicates production of 254,000,000 coins at the Philadelphia Mint and 263,600,000 coins at the Denver Mint for a combined total of 517,600,000.

These are preliminary production figures and includes all circulating quality coins produced by the United States Mint, including those sold to collectors in bags and rolls. Coins minted for US Mint issued Mint Sets and Proof Sets are not included.

The Hawaii State Quarter mintage actually marks the highest number for all 2008 State Quarters. The next highest was Arizona with 509.6 million for all mint marks. The lowest was Oklahoma with 416.6 million for all mint marks.

With the production figures for the final State Quarter, we now have a total for the entire State Quarter series.  The combined State Quarter mintage for the entire series is now an incredible 34,797,600,000!


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