Gettysburg Quarter

The US Mint recently released the Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter. The launch was somewhat awkward as the circulation release date, launch ceremony, and start of sales for numismatic bags and rolls all occurred on different days.

The reverse design of the coin features the 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Monument at the battle line of the Union Army at Cemetery Ridge. There had been some discussion about what design would be suitable for such an important coin. The US Mint had proposed views of various monuments, but the CCAC had wanted something more symbolic of the importance of the battle and the sacrifices made by the soldiers.

On the obverse of the coin is a portrait of George Washington restored from the portrait used for the 1932 Washington Quarter.

The obverse design is by John Flanagan and the reverse is by Joel Iskowitz.

Officially, the Gettysburg National Park Quarter was released into circulation on January 24, 2011. The launch ceremony took place at the park on the following day. Sales of bags and rolls didn’t begin until January 27.

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#1 89thOhio on 02.12.11 at 1:55 pm

I’m a Civil War nut as well as a novice coin collector.
I was at Gettysburg for the release ceremony and did manage to buy several rolls of quarters. I then went to the Post Office (along with everyone else) and got the rolls stamped by the Gettysburg Postmaster.
In coin collecting and values, what does the Post Office stamp mean? Is a “stamped roll” more valuable? Does it qualify for an Early Release? Why did we all stand in line for a total of 4 hrs to get the rolls and stamps?

#2. In December, I tried to order rolls of Hot Springs Quarters from my bank. The teller checked on availability and said they’re no longer available. Is this true? Is the Mint out?

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