Franklin Pierce Presidential Dollar Mintage

The United States Mint recently provided the final production figures for the Franklin Pierce Dollar. This coin is the fourteenth release of the Presidential Dollar coin series, which began back in 2007.


The final production figures came in at 38,220,000 coins from the Philadelphia Mint and 38,360,00 coins from the Denver Mint. This makes for a combined circulating coin production total of 76,580,000.

Interestingly, this marks a slight increase from the production levels of the previous Millard Fillmore Dollar. This may or may not be a turning point for the series.

Since 2007, the general trend for mintages has been down. After producing 340 million George Washington Dollars, figures rapidly fell for the remaining releases that year. During 2008 and 2009, mintages continued to move generally downward, but there were a few blips upward interspersed. Will the Franklin Pierce Dollar turn out to be another blip, or the start of a longer stabilization or upturn in production?


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