Deigns for 2011 First Spouse Gold Coins

The US Mint recently announced the designs to be used for the obverse and reverse of the 2011 First Spouse Gold Coins. Although this series started off very popular, interest has receded to a smaller, but somewhat stable base of collectors. Some issues featuring a popular design or well known spouse have done better.

The 2011 releases will feature Eliza Johnson, Julia Grant, Lucy Hayes, and Lucretia Garfield. These are the spouses of the 17th to 20th Presidents of the United States.

The Eliza Johnson First Spouse Gold Coin features an obverse portrait of the First Lady and a reverse scene from the children’s ball that she hosted for President Andrew Johnson’s 60th birthday. The obverse design is by Joel Iskowitz and the reverse is by Gary Whitely.

The release honoring the First Lady during the 18th Presidency is the Julia Grant First Spouse Gold Coin. This issue features an obverse portrait by Donna Weaver. On the reverse is a scene of a younger Julia Dent and Ulysses S. Grant riding horseback. At the time the future President was a West Point cadet.

Lucy Hayes was well known for her role in the Temperance movement, however this is not the subject of her coin. Rather the Lucy Hayes First Spouse Gold Coin shows a scene of the First Lady applauding at the first White House Easter Egg Roll. The obverse portrait is by Susan Gamble and the reverse scene is designed by Barbara Fox.

The Lucretia Garfield First Spouse Gold Coin will be the final release of the year. It highlights her interest in painting. The obverse portrait is designed by Barbara Fox and the reverse image is designed by Michael Gaudioso. The reverse shows the First Lady seated before a canvas with brush and palette in hand.


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