CoinStar Explores a New Form of Recycling

Lincoln CentToday CoinStar has launched a new website Change For Our Earth, which explores a new form of recycling. They are talking about recycling your old change by collecting it from around your home and cashing it in. They estimate $10 billion worth of coins sitting around US households, which can be put back into circulation.

How does this help the Earth? Simple, producing new coins uses uses resources related to mining, refining, production, and shipping of the coins. By reusing old coins, the need to continue producing new coins is reduced.

Based on their calculator, recycling a one gallon jug of coins yields the following environmental savings:

  • 2,590 liters of water consumption
  • 51.1 kwh of energy consumption
  • 3,998 lbs of geological waste

The average US home is estimated to have $90 in change sitting idle. What are you waiting for? Start the hunt and help the environment!