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2010 Silver Proof Set

About a week ago, the US Mint released the 2010 Silver Proof Set. Along with the previously released 2010 Mint Set and 2010 Proof Set, these three sets comprise the Mint’s most popular annual set offerings.

2010 Silver Proof Set

The latest set includes a total of fourteen different proof coins. The unique aspect of this set is that the dime, quarters, and half dollar are struck in a composition of 90% silver. The remaining seven coins are struck in their standard compositions.

The 2010 Silver Proof Set is priced at a lofty $56.95 per set. Although this seems steep, the precious metals value of the silver coins included in the set is more than $26.

An interesting aspect of this set is the fact that only two of the coins included have not yet been released in prior formats. The clad proof coins were previously released in the regular 2010 Proof Set. The silver proof America the Beautiful Quarters were previously released in the separate five coin set. Only the silver proof Kennedy Half Dollar and Roosevelt Dime are fresh releases.

After the first few weeks of sales, the US Mint sold more than 200,000 of the 2010 Silver Proof Sets, which was a surprisingly strong number!

Puerto Rico Quarter Launch

The Puerto Rico Quarter was officially released yesterday March 30, 2009, but it will probably be difficult to find the coins in circulation.


Even though the coins have only just been released, the US Mint has posted the final production figures for the coin. They come in at a very low 86 million coins produced by the Denver Mint and 53 million coins produced by the Philadelphia Mint. To put this in perspective, the mintage for a single quarter has not been this low since the 1960s.

The US Mint began selling bags and rolls of the coins directly. This offering includes a two roll set and 100-coin bags and 1000-coin bags from the Philadelphia or Denver Mints. These rolls might be the best chance for collectors to easily acquire examples of the new coin.

An official launch ceremony for the 2009 Puerto Rico Quarter will be held later this week on April 2. The ceremony will take place at La Arcada, Paseo La Princesa #2, Viejo San Juan. It will be attended by Edmund Moy the US Mint Director and Luis Fortuno the Governor of Puerto Rico.

William Henry Harrison Presidential Dollar

The first Presidential Dollar of 2009 featuring William Henry Harrison will be released next week.

William Henry Harrison

The US Mint announced details for the official launch ceremony which will take place at William Henry Harrison’s birthplace in Berkeley Plantation, Charles City, Virginia. The ceremony will be held February 16, 2009 at 11:00 AM ET. Festivities will include a coin point of new Harrison Presidential Dollars, a coin exchange for those in attendence, and a free coin for children 18 years old and less. There will also be a tour of the manor by guides dressed in costume.

The William Henry Harrison Dollar will be the ninth release of the Presidential Dollar series, which began in 2007. He served as President for only 30 days in 1841. The new obverse design was designed and engraved by Joseph Menna.

2008 US Mint Coin Production Figures

With 2008 behind us, we can take a look at the full year 2008 coin production figures provided by the US Mint. It’s a common observation that coin production falls in slow economic times, and that observation was certainly proven true by the 2008 figures. Production was down across all denominations.

Year over year declines were measured for every denomination. Total coin production for 2008 was 10.14 billion, down from 14.44 billion in 2007.

Here are the totals by denomination and mint. The 2008 table is followed by a production table for 2007, for comparison.

2008 US Mint Coin Production (in millions)
Denver Philadelphia Total
1c 2,849.60 2,569.60 5,419.20
5c 352.80 287.76 640.56
10c 637.50 413.00 1,050.50
25c 1,287.60 1,251.20 2,538.80
50c 1.70 1.70 3.40
$1 244.82 244.30 489.12
Total 5,374.02 4,767.56 10,141.58


2007 US Mint Coin Production (in millions)
Denver Philadelphia Total
1c 3,638.80 3,762.40 7,401.20
5c 626.16 571.68 1,197.84
10c 1,042.00 1,047.50 2,089.50
25c 1,456.24 1,340.40 2,796.64
50c 2.40 2.40 4.80
$1 472.15 478.52 950.67
Total 7,237.75 7,202.90 14,440.65

1995-W Proof Silver Eagle

Proof Silver EagleThe most desirable coin of the American Silver Eagle series is the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle. It is considered the key date coin of the series.

The story behind the coin is an interesting one. It was issued under special circumstances that resulted in a shockingly low mintage. Such a low mintage will likely never be seen again in this series.

The 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle was issued as a special bonus coin for the 1995-W Proof Gold Eagle 4 Coin Set. The purpose of the bonus coin was to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the series. The set carried a high price tag because of the gold content, putting it out of reach of many Silver Eagle collectors.

Because of this unique set of circumstances, the final mintage of the coin was only 30,125. Coins are always in high demand and sell for at least $4,000. Examples graded PR70DCAM can sell for well into five figures.