Bronze 2009 Lincoln Penny

bronze-2009-pennyThe same legislation that brought us the four different designs for the 2009 Lincoln Cent will provide an additional treat for collectors. The US Mint is authorized to produce pennies with the same composition used when the Lincoln Cent series was intially launched in 1909.

These special coins will be produced for numismatic purposes and will be included in the US Mint’s annual coin sets. The composition of the Lincoln Cents will be 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc.

Where can you find these Bronze 2009 Lincoln Cents?

Currently these special coins are expected to be included in four different sets. The first two are the 2009 Proof Set and 2009 Silver Proof Set, which will include bronze cents produced by the San Francisco Mint with a proof finish. So far the US Mint has released the regular proof set, with the silver version on the way in mid-July.

At an undetermined date, the US Mint will release the Lincoln Coin and Currency Set. This special set will contain the 2009 Proof Lincoln Commemorative and the four different 2009 Proof Lincoln Cents with the 95% copper composition.

Finally, the US Mint will include bronze composition cents in the 2009 Mint Set. These coins will be minted at Philadelphia and Denver and have the satin finish used for Mint Set coins.


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