Big Premium for Tiny Set

Last week, the US Mint released the Hot Springs National Park Quarter Three Coin Set. As the name states, this set contains only three coins, consisting of the Hot Springs Quarter uncirculated Philadelphia, uncirculated Denver, and proof San Francisco coins.

The coins are displayed nicely on a plastic card with some coin information on the back. The cost for this tiny set is $13.95, plus shipping and handling of $4.95. It will be interesting to see how many collectors can get over the sticker shock. To buy all five releases for the year would cost $69.75, before shipping and handling.


The three coins appear in several other products at a significantly reduced cost. To obtain the coins, someone could alternatively buy the 2010 Proof Set and 2010 Mint Set priced at $31.95 each. Alternately, someone could buy the separate America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set at $14.95 and Uncirculated Coin Set at $21.95.

Through each of the products, one would obtain not just the Hot Springs National Park Quarter, but all of the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters uncirclated and proof coins. In the case of the annual sets, there would also be a great deal of other coins included as well.

I don’t know who’s in charge of product development at the Mint, but they must not think their customers are very bright.

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#1 Dud on 11.27.10 at 5:48 am

I bet that someone out there will think that this is another collectible set and will buy into it.

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