American Samoa Quarter Mintage

The US Mint just released the final production figures for the American Samoa Quarter. The overall mintage marks yet another low, as mintages for circulating coins continue to spiral downwards.

American Samoa Quarter mintage

Overall, there were 82,200,000 American Samoa Quarters produced by the US Mint. This is further broken down into 39,600,000 quarters produced at the Denver Mint and 42,600,000 quarters produced at the Philadelphia Mint.

The overall mintage represents a decrease of 4.6 million from the prior Guam Quarter Mintage.

The mintage for the 2009-D American Samoa Quarter represents the new lowest quarter mintage for the DC and US Territories Quarters program, which also represents the lowest mintage for a quarter since 1962.


#1 lunaticg on 08.08.09 at 5:21 am

I envy all my coin collector friend from the US since you have so many US coin to collect. This will sure help this hobby to be a rewarding one.
Thank you for sharing.

#2 Corey on 02.18.10 at 8:28 pm

I found an american Samoa coin in my pocket, what is it worth. Thanks

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