America the Beautiful Mintages Updated

America the Beautiful QuartersA strange thing happened last month, the mintages for previously released America the Beautiful Quarters have increased. For the previous State Quarters Program, the US Mint would complete production of one design and then move onto the next. For the present series, the Mint reserves the right to go back to previous designs and strike more coins.

As a result, the previously lowest mintage coin of the program so far, the Hot Springs Quarter, has been bumped up by 10 million. This makes the Yellowstone Quarter now the lowest mintage, unless the US Mint decides to strike some more of those, too.

The updated America the Beautiful Quarters mintages appear below.

Denver Philadelphia Total
Hot Springs 34,000,000 35,600,000 69,600,000
Yellowstone 34,800,000 33,600,000 68,400,000
Yosemite 34,800,000 35,200,000 70,000,000
Grand Canyon 35,400,000 34,800,000 70,200,000


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