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2012 Silver Eagles

Amidst the recent decline in silver prices, the US Mint is getting ready for the release of the 2012 Silver Eagle bullion coins. From the launch of the series back in 1986, collectors and precious metals investors have eagerly looked forward to each newly dated release of the series. In recent years, demand for the latest issue has been pronounced.

According to information found online, the US Mint will begin sales for the coins to authorized purchasers on January 3, 2012. The first chance the authorized purchasers will have to pick up the coins will be January 6, 2012. After that point, distribution to the general public can commence.

As has recently been the trend, many of the 2012 Silver Eagles will likely be sent en masse to coin grading services like PCGS and NGC. Coins which receive the top grade of MS70 sell to collectors for a premium. Some will also seek out the coins which are denoted as “First Strike” or “Early Releases” although the utility of such classifications is suspect.

American Silver Eagle bullion coins are frequently sold individually, by a roll of 20 coins, or in a green monster box containing 500 coins. The larger the quantity purchased, generally the lower the cost per coin.

During 2011, the US Mint sold around 40 million Silver Eagle bullion coins as the market price of the metal jumped from $30 per ounce to nearly $50 per ounce, and then fell to its current levels below $30. Will investor and collector demand prove resilient in the coming year?

Later in 2012, it is expected that the US Mint will offer numismatic versions of the American Silver Eagle, which have also been an annual favorite.