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Gettysburg Quarter Mintage

The US Mint has indicated the preliminary production figures for the Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter. If no further coins are produced, this will be the lowest mintage of the new quarter program for the series to date.

The Philadelphia Mint struck 30.4 million coins and the Denver mint struck 30.8 million coins. That makes for a combined total of 61.2 million.

The previous mintage low for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program was held by the Yellowstone National Park Quarter, which had a combined circulation mintage of 68.4 million.

It’s possible that the US Mint might make more Gettysburg Quarters before the end of the year, or that other 2011 issues will have even lower mintages. This makes the current low figures less important, although on a historical basis, this is a fraction of the typical circulating coin production for the quarter.