2011 Presidential Dollar Proof Set

Who will buy the 2011 Presidential Dollar Proof Set? The individual offering containing the proof versions of the four $1 coins issued during the year for the Presidents has lost some of its relevance.

This year, the US Mint released the 2011 Proof Set in mid January. This was a positive change for collectors who were used to waiting until mid-year or later for the popular annual set to be released. However, it threw off the dynamics and perhaps the main marketing point of the separate proof sets which have generally been issued first.

Last year, I bought the 2010 Presidential Dollar Proof Set just to get an earlier look at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar. Since I was getting the full set later, this set became redundant and I actually just gave it away as a gift.

This year, the incentive of getting coins earlier has gone away. Also, following a price increase, the 2011 Presidential Dollar Proof Set is $19.95. I will definitely pass on this offering, as I suggest other collectors will.

(In case anyone is wondering, the image is from the 2011 Presidential Dollars included in my full annual set.)


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