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2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set

Today, the US Mint releases the 90% silver proof versions of the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters. These coins are released in a five coin set, which closely follows the release of the five coin proof set featuring the regular clad composition versions of the coins.

2010 Quarters Silver Proof Set

From 1992, the US Mint has struck dimes, quarters, and half dollars in the traditional silver composition for sale to collectors in specially issued sets. This has included an annual Silver Proof Set since 1992 and separate Quarters Silver Proof Sets since 2004.

The 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set will contain the Hot Springs National Park Quarter, Yellowstone National Park Quarter, Yosemite National Park Quarter, Grand Canyon National Park Quarter, and Mount Hood National Forest Quarter. Each coin will be struck in proof format at the San Francisco Mint and carry the “S” mint mark. The coins will have a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper.

The five coins are packaged in a protective plastic lens and illustrated cardboard box. The sets aren’t cheap, priced at $32.95 each. This is a $3 price increase over the price of last year’s silver proof quarters set, which contained six coins.

Hot Springs Quarter Mintage 59.6 Million

The first production figures are available for the newly launched America the Beautiful Quarters series. In keeping with the recent trend of declining mintage for circulating coins, the Hot Springs Quarter production figures mark the lowest circulating production level for an individual quarter since the 1950’s.

Hot Springs Quarter

The Philadelphia Mint produced 30,600,000 coins and the Denver Mint produced 29,000,000 coins for a total of 59,600,000. The previous quarter released featuring the Northern Mariana Islands had a total combined production of 72,800,000.

In the eyes of collectors, the declining mintages may be a good reason to collect the new series. Low mintage coins are traditionally seen as key dates, although the levels aren’t really in the same league as some classic key date rarities. Will America the Beautiful Quarters Mintages continue the downward trend? How low can the mintages go?

2010 Jefferson Nickels

The first of the 2010 Jefferson Nickels were produced by the United States Mint during April 2010. So far production has been limited to a scant 1.68 million coins from the Philadelphia Mint facility. Is this a potential key date in the making?

Last year, the 2009 Jefferson Nickel had a relatively small circulation production of 39,840,000 coins from the Philadelphia Mint and 46,800,000 coins from the Denver Mint. These numbers caught the attention of collectors since they were the lowest circulation mintages since 1959. The coins were also unusually elusive in the channels of circulation.

The 2010 Jefferson Nickel just might have a chance to set even lower mintages. There has been recent talk about changing the composition of cents and nickels due to the fact that it costs the US Mint more to produce the coins than they are worth. The nickel actually contents copper and nickel that are worth more than the face value! I think this is part of the reason for the restrained production of nickels.

So far, none of the few 2010 nickels produced have surfaced. This appearance of the first nickels and the ongoing production figures for the denomination will be something to watch this year.

2010 Gold Buffalo Coins

With the price of gold at an all time high, many people are turning their attention to gold coins. The United States Mint just began offering their 24 karat gold bullion coins, the American Gold Buffalo. This series was introduced in 2006 in addition to the existing 22 karat American Gold Eagle.


The US Mint began sales of the 2010 Gold Buffalo bullion coins on April 29, 2010. Last year, the 2009-dated bullion coins went on sale October 15 and sold out by December 4. During this period, the US Mint sold 200,000 coins.

This year, bullion sales are off to a fast start with 90,000 of the one ounce coins sold through mid-May. If the US Mint can keep these coins available throughout the remainder of the year, the annual sales should break the record high of 323,000 set in 2006 for the inaugural year.

The US Mint will begin sales of the 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo on June 3, 2010. Once again this will be earlier than the start date for the 2009-dated proof coin, which was October 29. The US Mint sold about 50,000 of the collectible proof coins with sales ended on March 29, 2010.

2010 Roosevelt Dimes

Last month the first 2010 Roosevelt Dimes began showing up in circulation. This occurred a bit sooner than the first 2009 Roosevelt Dimes, which didn’t show up until late May.

This denomination received more attention than usual last year because of the extremely small mintage. After years of mintages in the billions, the US Mint drastically scaled back production in 2009, as the need for newly minted coins for circulation dropped. The 2009-P Roosevelt Dime had a mintage of 96.5 million and the 2009-D Roosevelt Dime had a mintage of 49.5 million.

This year’s Roosevelt Dime seems poised to have higher mintages and seemingly more widespread availability. Through the end of April, the US Mint has produced 73.5 million 2010-P Roosevelt Dimes and 40 million 2010-D Roosevelt Dimes.

So far the few people who have managed to get rolls of 2010 Roosevelt Dimes have been selling them for quite a premium, however, I think the high prices will be more short lived than last year’s coins.