2010 US Proof Set

This week the United States Mint released the 2010 Proof Set. This comes one week after the release of the 2010 Mint Set. Together these two popular sets usually account for 2 million or more unit sales for the Mint.

2010 Proof Set

This year’s proof set includes 14 coins, this is a reduction of 4 coins from the 2009 Proof Set. The number of coins in last year’s set was inflated by the four different designs released for the Bicentennial Lincoln Cents and the extra quarter released for the DC & US Territories Quarters Program.

The 2010 Proof Set will include proof versions of the following coins:

  • 2010 Lincoln Cent
  • 2010 Jefferson Nickel
  • 2010 Roosevelt Dime
  • 2010 Hot Springs National Park Quarter
  • 2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter
  • 2010 Yosemite National Park Quarter
  • 2010 Grand Canyon National Park Quarter
  • 2010 Mount Hood National Forest Quarter
  • 2010 Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 2010 Millard Fillmore Presidential Dollar
  • 2010 Franklin Pierce Presidential Dollar
  • 2010 James Buchanan Presidential Dollar
  • 2010 Native American Dollar

Among all of these coins, the one I am probably looking forward to seeing most is the new Lincoln Cent. In addition to the new reverse design, the details of the original obverse portrait have been restored. I just took a close look at my recently received satin finish 2010 Lincoln Cents from the 2010 Mint Set and can say that the restoration is a very refreshing change.

The 2010 Proof Sets are priced at $31.95, which as usual represents a price increase.


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