2010 Roosevelt Dimes

Last month the first 2010 Roosevelt Dimes began showing up in circulation. This occurred a bit sooner than the first 2009 Roosevelt Dimes, which didn’t show up until late May.

This denomination received more attention than usual last year because of the extremely small mintage. After years of mintages in the billions, the US Mint drastically scaled back production in 2009, as the need for newly minted coins for circulation dropped. The 2009-P Roosevelt Dime had a mintage of 96.5 million and the 2009-D Roosevelt Dime had a mintage of 49.5 million.

This year’s Roosevelt Dime seems poised to have higher mintages and seemingly more widespread availability. Through the end of April, the US Mint has produced 73.5 million 2010-P Roosevelt Dimes and 40 million 2010-D Roosevelt Dimes.

So far the few people who have managed to get rolls of 2010 Roosevelt Dimes have been selling them for quite a premium, however, I think the high prices will be more short lived than last year’s coins.


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