2010 Proof Silver Eagle Announced

Collectors will be getting both 2010 Proof Gold Eagles and the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle!

Proof Silver Eagle

After keeping collectors in suspense for much of the year, the popular collector version of the American Gold Eagle was announced earlier this week. The Proof Silver Eagle has not been available since the 2008 release, with the 2009-dated coin canceled and never to be produced.

Some details of the upcoming 2010 Proof American Silver Eagle were provided, but important aspects remain unknown. The US Mint will start accepting orders on November 19, 2010. Order fulfillment will begin on December 1, 2010. Price will be set at $45.95 per coin. Household ordering limit will be 100 units.

An important question – the mintage – remains unknown. Whereas the proof Gold Eagles were announced with product and coin maximum mintages, no such details were provided for the Proof Silver Eagle. Will another surge in silver demand result in a low mintage? Or will the pent up demand create a record mintage?


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