2010 Proof Gold Eagles on the Way

The United States Mint has confirmed that they will be offering 2010 Proof Gold Eagles for collectors. The standard range of products will be available starting October 7, 2010.

Proof Gold Eagle

One ounce, one half ounce, one quarter ounce, and one tenth ounce coins will be sold individually or as part of a four coin set. Limits are imposed across each of the different products, which yield maximum mintage thresholds for each coin. The limits are as follows:

Product Product Limit Mintage Limit
One-Ounce Coin 25,000 64,000
Half-Ounce Coin 15,000 54,000
Quarter-Ounce Coin 16,000 55,000
Tenth-Ounce Coin 27,000 66,000
Four-Coin Set 39,000 N/A

Last year the 2009 Proof Gold Eagles was canceled, disappointing many collectors. Ever since the series in 1986, there has been at least one proof coin minted for collectors.

The cancellation was deemed necessary by the US Mint due to their interpretation of the law. The US Mint is required to produce American Gold Eagle bullion coins in quantities sufficient to meet public demand. Elevated demand had caused shortages, suspensions, and rationing. Since they were not meeting full demand, they instead diverted all precious metals blanks to the production of more bullion coins. The collector Gold Eagles were canceled.

With that water under the bridge, collectors will finally have a greater variety of numismatic items struck in gold. The 2010 Proof Gold Eagles will join the previously released 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo, and the four different First Spouse Gold Coins.


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