2010 Proof American Silver Eagle

Some collectors were already half prepared for another disappointment, but it appears that there is now a stronger possibility that the United States Mint might issue the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle.

2010 Silver Eagle

The United States Mint was forced to end sales of the 2008 Proof Silver Eagle early and cancel the 2009 Proof Silver Eagle as a consequence of the heavy demand for precious metals bullion coins. Under the current law authorizing the production of American Gold and Silver Eagles, the US Mint is required to produce the bullion versions of the coins in quantities sufficient to meet full public demand. Because they were not accomplishing this, they sourced all precious metals blanks to the production of bullion coins, leaving proof coins out in the cold. Unfortunately, there was no requirement to produce the collectible versions of the coins.

As it stands, a subcommittee of the House of Representatives is apparently considering an amendment to existing law, which would allow the US Mint to produce collector coins despite not being able to meet public demand. Obviously, the best solution would be to acquire more blanks, but at least the US Mint won’t have their hands tied legally any longer.

If the current law can be amended, the US Mint has stated that they could produce 830,000 Proof and Uncirculated Silver Eagles before year end, assuming they get started by September.


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