2010 Platinum Eagle Proof Coin

Today the US Mint released the 2010 American Platinum Eagle Proof Coin.The release comes much earlier than last year’s coin, which was delayed until December.

2010 Proof Platinum Eagle

This year’s coin features the theme “To Establish Justice”, continuing the presentation of the core concepts of American democracy. Blindfolded justice is depicted hold scales. She is blindfolded to represent impartiality. A tiny American Eagle privy mark also appears, keeping in tune with the series name. The obverse of the coin features the Statue of Liberty as designed by John Mercanti.

The 2010 Platinum Eagle Proof coins are only available in one ounce size. In years 2008 and prior, a range of fractional weight proof coins and a 4 coin set had been offered. The value of the precious metals content makes this an expensive coin, with initial pricing of $1,892. The maximum mintage established by the US Mint is 10,000 coins.

Last year, the 2009 Proof Platinum Eagle had actually sold out in one week. That coin was priced $100 lower to start, and also had a maximum mintage 2,000 coins fewer. Will there be a repeat sell out this year?

Bullion versions of the Platinum Eagles have not been offered by the US Mint in almost two years. Presumably this is related to the US Mint’s difficulties having precious metals manufactured into blanks, although the Mint has not released any statements explaining the absence of the platinum bullion coins, specifically.


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