2010 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set “Preservation of the Union”

Late last week, the United States Mint began selling a packaged 2010 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set. This set contains one 50-coin roll of coins from the Philadelphia Mint and one 50-coin roll of coins from the Denver Mint. The sets are priced at $8.95 for the $1.00 worth of coins.


The US Mint offered a similar product last year for each design issued for the 2009 Lincoln Cent. The pricing was the same, but collectors were very excited about the offering. Factors driving the demand for last year’s set were the high secondary market prices of the first two roll set with the Birthplace design (product code LP1), the generally unavailability through circulation channels, and the generally low mintages for the coins.

The 2010 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Sets won’t have as many factors driving demand. After the sell out of the LP1 set with only 100,000 in sales, the product runs were increased for subsequent sets, to upwards of 300,000. There is likely a similarly high or unlimited production run set for the 2010 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Sets.

The 2010 Lincoln Cent Rolls have become more generally available through channels of circulation and will sizable mintage. In the latest month, the US Mint doubled year to date production of the cent and is on pace to make more than 2 billion. The coins have been on eBay for the past several months, with prices already peaked and declined below the US Mint’s two roll set price level.

Personally, I am going to pass on the 2010 Lincoln Two Roll Set (LP5). I expect that many collectors will still buy the set to complete the LP1-LP5 run, or as a collectible Lincoln product, but these aren’t big enough motivating factors for me.


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