2010 Lincoln Cent Launched

Although there have been reports of the 2010 Lincoln Cents already appearing in circulation about a month ago, the US Mint held a launch ceremony to introduce the new “Preservation of the Union” design on February 11, 2010.

The event took place in Springfield, Illinois at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar Museum. Reports indicate that the attendance at the ceremony was not near the levels achieved for some of the 2009 Lincoln Cent launch ceremonies, but there still seemed to be a degree of excitement.
2010 Lincoln cent

US Mint Director Edmund Moy explained the significance of the new Union Shield Cents design. The thirteen vertical stripes represent the original thirteen states. These are joined together below a horizontal bar representing the federal government.

The ceremony was followed by a coin exchange, where people could trade currency for rolls of the new coins at face value. There were 20,000 rolls available at the exchange. Many collectors have these stamped and post marked with a unique cancellation to commemorate the launch ceremony.


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