2010 Jefferson Nickels

The first of the 2010 Jefferson Nickels were produced by the United States Mint during April 2010. So far production has been limited to a scant 1.68 million coins from the Philadelphia Mint facility. Is this a potential key date in the making?

Last year, the 2009 Jefferson Nickel had a relatively small circulation production of 39,840,000 coins from the Philadelphia Mint and 46,800,000 coins from the Denver Mint. These numbers caught the attention of collectors since they were the lowest circulation mintages since 1959. The coins were also unusually elusive in the channels of circulation.

The 2010 Jefferson Nickel just might have a chance to set even lower mintages. There has been recent talk about changing the composition of cents and nickels due to the fact that it costs the US Mint more to produce the coins than they are worth. The nickel actually contents copper and nickel that are worth more than the face value! I think this is part of the reason for the restrained production of nickels.

So far, none of the few 2010 nickels produced have surfaced. This appearance of the first nickels and the ongoing production figures for the denomination will be something to watch this year.


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