2010 First Sposue Bronze Medal Set

The annual First Spouse Bronze Medal Set is one of the US Mint’s quirky products that I look forward to each year. Even though these are medals, rather than coins, they have a unique sort of charm.

The designs for each medal are taken from the corresponding First Spouse Gold Coins. Some of the inscriptions are removed, such as those indicating the date, and the metal content and purity. On the reverse, the entire outer circle of inscriptions are removed, and instead the image extends to the entire surface of the medal.

Since these are medals, I don’t really expect them to appreciate. About a year ago, I purchased an entire set of the Presidential medals for much less than the original Mint issue prices. Despite my expectations, the First Spouse medals have actually been retaining their value or appreciating. Auction record for prior year sets, show them trading at higher prices.

The 2010 set includes Abigail Adams, Jane Pierce, James Buchanan’s Liberty, and Mary Todd Lincoln.


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