2010-D Jefferson Nickel Production

2010 Jefferson NickelIn the last month, the United States Mint has produced the first circulation strike 2010 Jefferson Nickels at the Denver Mint.

The first Philadelphia strike coins came in April 2010, when a scant 1.68 million were produced. At the time, it appeared that there might be a chance of coming in below the extremely low production totals experienced for the 2009 Jefferson Nickels. However, now it seems relatively certain that the low levels of the prior year will be surpassed.

Through June 30, 2010, the US Mint has now produced 76.08 million of the 2010-P Jefferson Nickels. This is already above last year’s total annual production of 39.84 million.

At Denver, production has been 36.24 million so far. This entire amount was minted in June. The prior year total remains slightly higher at 46.8 million coins.

Both 2010-P and 2010-D nickels have already been reported in the channels of circulation.


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