2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollars

The United States Mint began sales of the 2010 Boy Scouts Silver Dollars on March 23, 2010. This represents the second of two commemorative coin programs for the year, the other was the 2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollars released on February 25, 2010.

The current program commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. Silver Dollars are available in proof or uncirculated versions, both produced at the Philadelphia Mint. The maximum authorized mintage is 350,000 coins across both versions.


The design for the Boy Scouts coin has been a point of contention for many. A Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and female Venturer are depicted saluting. The theme is intended to represent the evolution of the organization to encompass all of the youth of America, i.e. not just boys. This theme seems to have been preferred by the Boy Scouts organization over an alternate theme, which would have highlighted the continuity of the Boy Scouts from 1910 to today.

For the introductory sales period, the proof version of the coin is priced at $39.95 and the uncirculated version is priced at $33.95.


#1 Brian Rothhammer on 03.31.10 at 1:23 pm

My proof BSA dollar arrived yesterday (March 30). I also ordered some of the uncirculated version. I did not expect such fast response (ordered Mar. 24), and am delighted with quality of the coin. It presents very well in the velvet case and protective capsule. So far the mintage of the proof is double that of the unc. version, but the design, particularly on the reverse really “pops” on the proof. If you want one of these, better get in fast as Mint Director Ed Moy announced that over 200,000 had sold by Saturday, March 27. Total mintage cannot exceed 350,000 for all BSA dollars.

#2 Carl on 05.04.10 at 9:29 am

Its a neat looking coin…. have not got round to collecting US silver proof dollars yet, but I do have a large collection of Canadian silver proof dollars…. The only problem with collecting silver dollars is that there are so many released….

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