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2009 Proof Gold Buffalo Coin

On October 29, 2009 the United States Mint began sales of the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo coin. This coin had previously been announced as delayed, then cancelled, potentially cancelled, and finally scheduled to be released.

2009 Gold BuffaloThe popular offering began in 2006 when the US Mint released bullion and proof versions of the coin in one ounce size. As opposed to the American Gold Eagle, the coins were struck in 24 karat gold. The US Mint increased their offerings in 2008 to include collectible uncirculated and fractional versions of the coin. The 2009 Gold Buffalo coins are offered in one ounce bullion and one ounce proof.

The 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo is being minted with no maximum. The US Mint is also allowing customers to order the coins without an ordering limit. The initial price of the coin is $1,360.

2009 Professional Life Cent Mintage

The mintage for the third design for the 2009 Lincoln Cents has been revealed. It is a step lower from the prior design, but still above the low level of the first design.

The 2009 Professional Life Cents had a combined mintage of 652 million. This is divided as 316 million coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint and 336 million coins produced at the Denver Mint.

2009-lincoln-reverse-3The lowest combined mintage for 2009 Lincoln Cents remains as the Birthplace Cent with 634.8 million. The lowest individual coin mintage remains as the 2009-P Birthplace Cent at 284.4 million.

The latest figures are a contiuation of the low production experienced throughout the year. During 2008, the US Mint had produced more than 5 billion cents. This year they are on track to produce less than 3 billion across the four different designs. View complete 2009 Lincoln Cent mintages.

2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set

One of the more highly awaited US Mint products will go on sale tomorrow. This is the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. Ever since the release of the first newly designed 2009 Lincoln Cent, collectors have flocked to the new US Mint’s Lincoln related offerings from the Two Roll Sets to the most recently released 2009 Lincoln Proof Set. The latest product will provide some special appeal.

lincoln-coin-chroniclesFirst, it is limited to only 50,000 units. This will make it the lowest production Lincoln-related product from the US Mint this year. The Birthplace Two Roll Set had a production of 96,000 sets and continues to sell at a huge premium. Second, the set contains the 2009 Proof Lincoln Silver Dollar, which has sold out in individual options. The coins currently sell for more than the price of the full Lincoln Coin and Chronicle Set.

Besides the 2009 Lincoln Silver Dollar already mentioned, the sets also contain all four 2009 Proof Lincoln Cents struck in 95% copper, a reproduction of a photograph of Lincoln, a reproduction of the Gettysburg Address, and the obligatory certificate of authenticity. Altogether the set looks well presented and stands as a nice centerpiece to a collection of Lincoln Bicentennial products.

There is sure to be a rush of collectors trying to get the set before it sells out. They go on sale on the US Mint’s website tomorrow October 15, 2009 at 12:00 Noon ET. The sets are priced at $55.95 and limited to only one set per household.

2009 Mint Set

The US Mint began selling the 2009 Mint Set on October 1, 2009. Many collectors have eagerly been awaiting this set, which is typically issued much earlier in the year. The set represents the largest Mint Set even issued, and contains special 2009 Lincoln Cents.

The set contains a whopping 36 different coins from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. The US Mint has issued a record 18 different coin designs this year, amidst many programs featuring rotating designs. This has expanded the set and increased the price for collectors.

2009 mint setEach set contains eight 2009 Lincoln Cents (four designs, two mints), two Jefferson Nickels, two Roosevelt Dimes, twelve quarters (six designs, two mints), two Kennedy Half Dollars, two Native American Dollars, and eight Presidential Dollars (four designs, two mints). The sets are offered by the US Mint for $27.95 each.

The 2009 Lincoln Cents are struck with a composition of 95% copper, 3% zinc, and 2% tin. This special composition matches the original used in 1909. So far, sales of the set have outpaced the prior year set, which contained 28 coins.

US Virgin Islands Quarter Mintage

us virgin islands quarterThe US Mint recently revealed the mintages for the circulation strike 2009 US Virgin Islands Quarter. Since there are six different coin designs for this year’s twenty five cent coin, the US Mint produces each design for only a portion of the year before moving onto the next one. After production of one design has ended, they typically release the final production figures.

The Virgin Islands Quarter had a combined mintage of 82 million coins. This included 41 million coins produced at the Philadelphia facility and 41 million coins produced at the Denver facility. This marks another overall low in production for the 2009 quarters, narrowly lower than the prior American Samoa Quarter’s combined mintage of 82.2 million.

The Territorial Quarters have had extremely low mintages compared to the prior State Quarters series. Will this result in higher values down the line?