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Bronze 2009 Lincoln Penny

bronze-2009-pennyThe same legislation that brought us the four different designs for the 2009 Lincoln Cent will provide an additional treat for collectors. The US Mint is authorized to produce pennies with the same composition used when the Lincoln Cent series was intially launched in 1909.

These special coins will be produced for numismatic purposes and will be included in the US Mint’s annual coin sets. The composition of the Lincoln Cents will be 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc.

Where can you find these Bronze 2009 Lincoln Cents?

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Gaum Quarter Launch

guam-quarter1On June 3, 2009, the United States Mint Director Edmund Moy and Guam Governor Felix Camacho conducted the official launch ceremony the Guam Quarter. The ceremony was held at Skinner Plaza in Hagatna, Guam.

The launch ceremony takes place about a week after the coins were released into circulation and went on sale at the US Mint in rolls and bags. The Guam Quarter mintage has gotten some attention as being the lowest for the new District of Columbia and US Territories Quarters program to date.

Children who attened the ceremony received a free Guam Quarter. Other attendees had the opportunity to exchange bills for rolls of new coins. A coin forum hosted by Director Moy was held prior to the ceremony.

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Gaum Quarter Mintage

Another new mintage low has been set for the District of Columbia & U.S. Territories Quarters series. Following the relatively high mintages for the State Quarter series, the six coin follow up had been showing very low numbers. This was due primarily to the economy, which caused an influx of old change into the system, removing the need to produce large amounts of new coins.

The latest data released was for the Guam Quarter. There were only 42,600,000 coins produced at the Denver Mint and 45,000,000 coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint. The total between the mints of 87,600,000 is less than half the number of coins produced for the District of Columbia Quarter.

Guam Quarter

These low numbers are starting to draw attention, but do they have farther to fall? The next quarters to be released will feature American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands.