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2009 Birthplace Lincoln Penny Mintage

2009-lincoln-pennyThe mintage for the 2009 “Birthplace” Lincoln Cent has been revealed. Following the pattern set by several other coins released this year, the coin has one of the lowest mintages in decades. Previously the mintage for the Puerto Rico Quarter was revealed and it had the lowest mintage for a quarter since the 1960s.

The Philadelphia Mint produced 284.8 million of the 2009-P Birthplace Lincoln Cent. The Denver Mint produced 350 million of the 2009-D Birthplace Lincoln Cent. This makes a combined total of 634.8 million.

It looks like the high prices paid for these coins might actually be justified. Since 1975, all Lincoln Cents struck for circulation have had mintages in the billions. You have to go back all the way to the 1968-S Lincoln Cent to find a lower mintage than the 2009-P Birthplace Lincoln Cent.

Will the pattern of low mintages continue? You can follow the 2009 Lincoln Cent Mintages and see for yourself.