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William Henry Harrison Presidential Dollar

The first Presidential Dollar of 2009 featuring William Henry Harrison will be released next week.

William Henry Harrison

The US Mint announced details for the official launch ceremony which will take place at William Henry Harrison’s birthplace in Berkeley Plantation, Charles City, Virginia. The ceremony will be held February 16, 2009 at 11:00 AM ET. Festivities will include a coin point of new Harrison Presidential Dollars, a coin exchange for those in attendence, and a free coin for children 18 years old and less. There will also be a tour of the manor by guides dressed in costume.

The William Henry Harrison Dollar will be the ninth release of the Presidential Dollar series, which began in 2007. He served as President for only 30 days in 1841. The new obverse design was designed and engraved by Joseph Menna.

2009 Lincoln Penny Release: February 12, 2009

The first of the 2009 Lincoln Pennies is scheduled to be released on February 12, 2009.

To help celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, the US Mint has planned a series of four different reverse designs for the penny during 2009. These various designs will represent different stages of his life. The first design pictured below is a log cabin, which represents his humble beginnings in Kentucky.


The February 12, 2009 release date was selected since it is will be Lincoln’s exact birthday.

The remaining three designs will be released approximately every three months throughout 2009. See all 2009 Lincoln Penny Release Dates.

2008 US Mint Coin Production Figures

With 2008 behind us, we can take a look at the full year 2008 coin production figures provided by the US Mint. It’s a common observation that coin production falls in slow economic times, and that observation was certainly proven true by the 2008 figures. Production was down across all denominations.

Year over year declines were measured for every denomination. Total coin production for 2008 was 10.14 billion, down from 14.44 billion in 2007.

Here are the totals by denomination and mint. The 2008 table is followed by a production table for 2007, for comparison.

2008 US Mint Coin Production (in millions)
Denver Philadelphia Total
1c 2,849.60 2,569.60 5,419.20
5c 352.80 287.76 640.56
10c 637.50 413.00 1,050.50
25c 1,287.60 1,251.20 2,538.80
50c 1.70 1.70 3.40
$1 244.82 244.30 489.12
Total 5,374.02 4,767.56 10,141.58


2007 US Mint Coin Production (in millions)
Denver Philadelphia Total
1c 3,638.80 3,762.40 7,401.20
5c 626.16 571.68 1,197.84
10c 1,042.00 1,047.50 2,089.50
25c 1,456.24 1,340.40 2,796.64
50c 2.40 2.40 4.80
$1 472.15 478.52 950.67
Total 7,237.75 7,202.90 14,440.65