2009 Roosevelt Dime

Have you seen a 2009 Roosevelt Dime? Chances are good that your answer is “no.”

Due to a record number of old coins re-entering circulation combined with a general decline in the need to more circulating coins, there has been a glut of coinage at the Federal Reserve Banks. This has caused them to cut orders for new coinage at the US Mint. The US Mint has accordingly reduced production.

Recently the US Mint officially announced that production of the 2009 dimes would end for the rest of the year. This results in final mintages available already. The numbers are low enough to excite collectors looking for a possible key date coin.

The figures shown below are the reported coin production figures for January through April 2009. Most likely these will be the final mintages for the year.

2009 Roosevelt Dime Mintage

2009-P Roosevelt Dime 96,500,000
2009-D Roosevelt Dime 49,500,000
Total 146,000,000

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#1 rickie prater on 05.17.09 at 8:44 pm

some one find these coins i need one for my books thanks

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