2009 “Presidency” Lincoln Cent Mintage

The coin mintages for the fourth and final 2009 Lincoln Cent design was recently released. The “Presidency” design has the lowest overall mintage of the four designs. The 2009-P Presidency Lincoln Cent has the lowest mintage for an individual one-cent issue since the 1950’s.

presidency penny

For the Presidency design, there were 129,600,000 coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint and 198,000,000 coins produced at the Denver Mint. This makes a total of 327,600,000 overall coins struck for circulation.

The previous low for combined mintage for one of the designs was the Birthplace Cent with 634,800,000. The previous low for an individual issue of the 2009 Lincoln Cent was the 2009-P Birthplace Cent with 284,400,000. The latest figures represnts significanlty lower numbers.

The last time an individual Lincoln Cent struck for circulation had a lower mintage was 1955, when the San Francisco Mint produced 44,610,000.


#1 WILL on 01.18.10 at 12:00 pm

The Presidency coins have a lower case “of”; the other
three cents have Upper Case “OF”.

Was this intentional?

#2 admin on 01.18.10 at 12:41 pm

Back when the designs were first released, I noticed this too. I never came across any specific explanation.

I would think that there is no intentional reason. A number of different artists prepared different design candidates independently and used different fonts and capitalization conventions. Final designs were selected from the candidates and fonts and conventions were not standardized across all four designs.

Look at the variety of fonts and variations on “OF” and “of” for the 2010 Lincoln design candidates:


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