2009 Formative Years Lincoln Cent Mintage

2009 Lincoln CentThe US Mint is now done producing the second redesigned 2009 Lincoln Cent. This allows a determination of the final mintage for the Formative Years or “Rail Splitter” Penny.

The second design was released into circulation on May 14, 2009. The launch ceremony was held in Lincoln City, Indiana on the same day. The reverse image features a young Abraham Lincoln taking a break from rail splitting to read a book.

The Philadelphia Mint produced 376 million and the Denver Mint produced 363.6 million of the Rail Splitter Penny for a combined mintage of 739.6 million coins. This tops the mintage for the Birthplace or “Log Cabin” Penny design which had come in at 634.8 million coins.

The Lincoln Penny mintage has been closely watched since the levels are so much lower than the recent prior years. By comparison, in 2008 there were more than 5 billion pennies minted.


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