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Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollar Mintage

Martin Van Buren DollarProduction figures for the latest release of the Presidential Dollar series have just been published by the United States Mint. The Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollar had 51,520,000 coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint and 50,960,000 coins produced at the Denver Mint.

The combined total of 102,480,000 marks a new low for the Presidential Dollar series. The next lowest mintage was for the John Quincy Adams coin at 115,260,000.

In total, the US Mint produced 464,480,000 Presidential Dollars for 2008. This compares to a total of  940,870,000. See the complete Presidential Dollar mintages.

Unfortunately, it looks like the slide in production will continue for 2009, especially with the line up of relatively lesser known presidents.

Native American Dollars

Next year the US Mint will begin a new series known as Native American Dollars. This series is actually somewhat of a replacement/continuation of the previous Sacagawea Dollar coin series.

The Native American Dollars will feature the obverse design of the Sacagawea Dollar plus reverse designs which will change each year. The reverse designs will celebrate the history and contributions of Native Americans by portraying figures and events from their history and culture.

Interestingly, the coins will circulate along side the Presidential Dollar coins. The authorizing legislation for the new series stipulates that 20% of all dollar coins produced must be Native American Dollars.

The first design for the new series was just released. It was designed and sculpted by Norman E. Nemeth and features a Native American woman planting seeds in a field. Visible are corn, bean, and squash plants, representing the Three Sisters method of planting. The full design appears below:

Native American Dollars