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Obama Coins Causing a Stir

Obama CoinOn September 16, this article appeared discussing a small UK firm which has produced around 300 coins featuring presidential candidate Barrack Obama. The coins feature an image of Obama and the motto “President of the United States of America.”

Political bloggers seized on the new coins as an example of Obama’s “hubris and self-absorption.” Many took offense at the apparent presumptuousness of the motto, which declared him President before the election. A few others drew paralleld to Julius Caeasar, who was the first Roman emporer to put his image on coins.

Obama Silver MedallionLet’s investigate or at least examine another point of view. First of all, this is not the first time Obama has appeared on a coin. Back in May 2008, a Las Vegas firm produced a one ounce silver medallion bearing the image of Obama. The coins are still offered for sale at $100 each.

John Kerry CoinSecondly, living political figures on privately minted coins seem to be relatively common.  George W. Bush appears on several privately minted coins. Other presidential candidates have been featured on coins such as Bob Dole and this gem for John Kerry. On the John Kerry coin, note the motto, “44th President of the United States.”

Third, even though the initial article states that some Democrats endorsed the idea, there is no reason to believe that Obama personally had any hand in the creation of the coins.  I have not seen anything that confirms whether Obama explicitly or implicity approved or even acknowledged the minting of the coins.

2009 Lincoln Cents

Today the United States Mint unveiled the designs for the eagerly anticipated 2009 Lincoln Cent.

Next year, Abraham Lincoln’s Bicentennial will be celebrated with four different reverse designs for the penny that has borne his images for the past 100 years. The first new coin will enter circulation on February 12, 2009.

Each design is meant to represent a different period of Lincoln’s life.

2009 Lincoln Cent Design 1

2009 Lincoln Cent Design – Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky

2009 Lincoln Cent Design 2

2009 Lincoln Cent Design –  Formative Years in Indiana

2009 Lincoln Cent Design 3

2009 Lincoln Cent Design – Professional Life in Illinois

2009 Lincoln Cent Design 4

2009 Lincoln Cent Design – Presidency in Washington, D.C.