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Presidential Oath Dollars

George Washington Presidential DollarWhat are Presidential Oath Dollars?

It’s a question a lot of people seem to want to figure out lately. Earlier this month, the Home Shopping Network offered a small number of these coins for $79.95. They reportedly sold out in 30 minutes creating a lot of excitement. This post will summarize some of the information available on the coins.

The coins were produced by the Denver Mint. An aluminum ring was placed around a regular Presidential Dollar. The ring has an inscription of the Presidential Oath, “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States.” The coins were supposedly limited to only 1,000 per President and were produced for the first six Presidential Dollars.

Online reports state that the coins were originally available at the Denver Mint Gift Shop. They were not available from the US Mint’s Online Catalog or at the Philadelphia Mint.

The Home Shopping Network sold coins which had been encapsulated and graded by ANACS. The coin was also put in a special custom oak presentation box.

While the quick sell out at HSN clearly shows some initial popularity for the coins, in the longer term the prospects are not as clear. The coins are basically regular Presidential Dollars encased with an aluminum ring. The fact that they were produced by the Denver Mint and only in a limited quantity adds an interesting aspect, but I suspect the novelty of the idea may soon wear off. These coins may go the way of Colorized State Quarters.

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National Park Quarter Series Proposed

State QuarterFollowing the immense success of the 50 State Quarters program, there has been a proposal for another long series of quarters with rotating reverse designs. This program will likely be known as the National Park Quarter Program.

The bill which would authorize the program was first introduced in the House of Representatives on June 4, 2008. Another version of the bill was recently introduced in the Senate.

If the bill becomes law, quarters with reverse designs to honor the National Parks of the United States, the District of Columbia, and US Territories would be issued at a rate of 5 designs per year for a duration of 11 years. The program may optionally be extended for another cycle, creating the potential for 22 years of National Park Quarters.

The first National Park Quarters would be issued starting in 2010 after the conclusion of the 50 State Quarters program and the additional year for quarters honoring D.C. and the U.S. Territories.

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2009 Louis Braille Coin Designs

This month the US Mint officially unveiled the designs for the upcoming 2009 Louis Braille Coins. This is a commemorative coin issue for the 200th anniversary of Louis Braille’s birth and his contribution of the Braille system.

The unveiling took place at the 2008 National Convention of the National Federation of the Blind. US Mint Director Edmund Moy did the honors.

The United States Mint is proud to present the 2009 Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar coin design. I am looking forward to presenting the design for this unprecedented coin, and I am pleased that the United States Mint is playing a role in the cause of bringing literacy to all blind and visually impaired Americans.

The reverse design of the coin is notable since it is the first US coin to include readable Braille characters. It includes the Braille letters “BRL” which is short for “Braille.” Prior US coins have featured Braille characters, but they have been too small to be considered readable. These include the Alabama State Quarter and the 1995 and 1996 Paralympic Silver Dollars.

A prototype of the Braille Commemorative Coin reverse design is included below.

Louis Braille Coin