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Elizabeth Monroe First Spouse Gold

Elizabeth Monroe First Spouse GoldThe Elizabeth Monroe coin is the fifth release of the First Spouse Gold Coin Series.  The series began in 2007 and will run until at least 2016.

The Monroe coin features a portrait of the First Lady on the obverse of the coin.  The reverse shows her reopening the White House after its burning at the hands of the British.

Similar to prior coins in the series, the coin carries a $10 face value and contains one half ounce of 24 karat gold.  Coins are offered in both proof and uncirculated versions. The maximum authorized mintage is 40,000 coins across both ordering options.

Gold Krugerrands

Gold KrugerrandsGold Krugerrands are the gold bullion coins of South Africa.  These coins are notable because they were the world’s first ounce denominated gold coin.  First offered in 1967, they began to popularize the idea of individuals investing in gold bullion.  The one ounce coins made it easy to acquire specified amounts of gold purely for precious metals investment purposes.

Coins contain 91.67% of 22 karat gold.  The weight of the coins are 1.0909 ounces to yield exactly one ounce of gold. Starting in 1980, other sizes were offered.

The obverse of the coin depicts Paul Kruger.  The reverse shows a springbok antelope.

2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins

2008 Bald Eagle CoinThe Bald Eagle is an important symbol of America.  This year a commemorative has been created in the Bald Eagle’s honor.

The purpose of the commemorative issue is threefold: to honor the recovery of the American Bald Eagle, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, and to recognize the importance as our national symbol.

The Bald Eagle Commemorative Coin Program comprises three coins.  There is a $5 Gold coin which depicts young bald eagles in their habitat.  There is a $1 Silver coin which depicts an eagle in flight.  There is a 50c Clad coin which depicts baby eagles in their nest.

Coins are currently available in a variety of ordering options directly from the US Mint.

2008-W Silver Eagles with Reverse of 2007

2008-W Silver Eagle Reverse of 2007A exciting new variety has recently been discovered for the 2008-W Silver Eagle Coin.

This variety is found on the “collectible version” of the 2008 Silver Eagle which is only available directly from the US Mint.  These versions are different than the bullion versions because they carry the “W” mint mark to indicate the West Point Mint.

The variety has to do with the reverse design of the coin.  The design was slightly changed from 2007 to 2008.  Some 2008 coins bear the 2007 design and are being designated “Reverse of 2007.”

The easiest way to spot the 2008-W Silver Eagle with the Reverse of 2007 is by the letter “U” of “United States” on the reverse of the coin.  Coins bearing the 2007 style reverse will have a bowl shaped “U.”  Coins bearing the 2008 style reverse will have a spur at the bottom of the right side of the letter.

Prices for the variety seem to be going up quick so keep an eye out for these or check your coins carefully if you have any in your collection!

20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set

2006-W Reverse Proof Silver EagleTo mark the 20th Anniversary of the American Silver Eagle Coin Program, the United States Mint issued a special set.  These sets notably included the first coins struck by the US Mint in reverse proof.  Reverse proof coins have frosted fields and mirrored raised elements.  This is the reverse of the finish used on cameo proof coins.

The 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets contained three coins:

The sets proved to be extremely popular with collectors.  The production limit of 250,000 sold out at the Mint within a few days.