1995-W Proof Silver Eagle

Proof Silver EagleThe most desirable coin of the American Silver Eagle series is the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle. It is considered the key date coin of the series.

The story behind the coin is an interesting one. It was issued under special circumstances that resulted in a shockingly low mintage. Such a low mintage will likely never be seen again in this series.

The 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle was issued as a special bonus coin for the 1995-W Proof Gold Eagle 4 Coin Set. The purpose of the bonus coin was to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the series. The set carried a high price tag because of the gold content, putting it out of reach of many Silver Eagle collectors.

Because of this unique set of circumstances, the final mintage of the coin was only 30,125. Coins are always in high demand and sell for at least $4,000. Examples graded PR70DCAM can sell for well into five figures.